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Hello all! I hope you love Wikipedia as much as I do!!! My personal interests are medicine, biology, and sociology.


I am working on traveling, and these are places I have visited: Flag of England.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Wales.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Nicaragua.svg Flag of Costa Rica.svg Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Nepal.svg Flag of India.svg Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Bahrain.svg Flag of South Korea.svg Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Flag of Tibet.svg Flag of Ecuador.svg

In the United States, I am working on getting to all 50 states. Not quite there yet . . . :

Flag of Arizona.svg Arizona Flag of Arkansas.svg Arkansas Flag of California.svg California Flag of Florida.svg Florida Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Georgia Flag of Illinois.svg Illinois Flag of Iowa.svg Iowa Flag of Michigan.svg Michigan Flag of Minnesota.svg Minnesota Flag of Missouri.svg Missouri Flag of New Jersey.svg New Jersey Flag of New York.svg New York Flag of Ohio.svg Ohio Flag of Texas.svg Texas Flag of Washington.svg Washington Flag of Wisconsin.svg Wisconsin Flag of Idaho.svg Idaho Flag of Montana.svg Montana Flag of New Mexico.svg New Mexico Flag of Oklahoma.svg Oklahoma Flag of Kansas.svg Kansas Flag of Nebraska.svg Nebraska Flag of Colorado.svg Colorado Flag of Hawaii.svg Hawaii Flag of Louisiana.svg Louisiana Flag of Nevada.svg Nevada Flag of Utah.svg Utah Flag of the District of Columbia.svg Washington, D.C.