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This is a proposed set of Groundrules for the editing of this article. I am proposing these as a possible way forward.

Editing needs to be consensual. It is waste of everybody's time for edits to be repeatedly reverted and text to be repeatedly deleted and reincluded. It also gets us all nowhere.
Many articles about religion and politics get very heated. This is normal. In our attempt to get a Neutral Point of View we need to listen to both praise and criticism and objectively include both in the article. This doesn't mean that the article has to be 50% criticism - the amount of space given to the criticism needs to be agreed.


  1. Before you do a non-trivial edit to the article discuss it on the talk page. Major edits without discussion will be reverted.
  2. Do not insult your fellow wikipedians by name calling or breaking Godwin's Law. Be charitable. Both sides are acting out of belief and not malice. Assume good faith.
  3. Stay calm.

Secretlondon 18:01, Nov 12, 2003 (UTC)

It seems that much of the dispute is not so much about individual edits, but over the overall structure, and how much space should be given to positive vs negative opinions - is there a way to up-front this discussion separately from discussion about individual edits?2toise 22:15, 12 Nov 2003 (UTC)